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Dimensions: Approx. 32.5"L x 25"H


Joel Bass was born in L.A. in 1942, studied at the Art Center
College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Ecole des Beaux-
Arts in France, and USC School of Business. A lifelong
accomplished artist and core member of the Los Angeles art
scene, he was awarded the National Endowment for the Arts
in both 1979 and 1987.
He created a mild sensation in the Bay Area in 1970, with his
first one-man show of large paintings with masses of color and
blurred outlines. He began to divide the ground into four
equal rectangles and variations on that theme. He used
various materials - Mylar, aluminum foil, tracing paper, lead,
and Clear-Vu plastic to explore purely formal concerns.
Within these limits, he produced a body of orderly,
restrained, and beautiful work.
His artwork is included in the permanent collections at the
MOMA and the Whitney in New York; National Museum of
Art in Washington, D.C.; SFMOMA, the San Diego Museum
of Art, Berkeley Museum of Art, the Oakland Museum of Art,
Otis College of Art and Design, and more.

1974 Etching "Plate Horizontal" 20/25 by Joel Bass (1942-2019)

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