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Dimensions: Approx. 23" L x 20" H


Marek Halter was born in Warsaw, Poland, the son a printer and a
Yiddish poet. Narrowly escaping the Warsaw Ghetto during the
Second World War, he and his parents spent time in Russia and
Uzbekistan before emigrating to France. Once in Paris, he studied
pantomime alongside Marcel Marceau before embarking on a career
as a painter. In the 1970s, he founded the International Committee
for a Negotiated Peace Agreement in the Middle East and played a
crucial role in the organization of the first official meetings between
the Palestinians and Israelis; a role he continues to this day. Marek
Halter speaks ten languages, and is fluent in French, English, German,
Russian and Yiddish. He is the author of several internationally
acclaimed novels, and is a regular contributor to Die Welt and La

1960's Untitled Oil on Wood by Marek Halter

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